“Editors can get obsessive about words. Writers too. When you’re both a writer and an editor, the obsession can become unhealthy. I ask myself what does it matter if someone uses the word disinterested when what they really mean is uninterested?”

“Editors have their own quirky likes and dislikes. I hate embossed text on a cover, especially if it’s in silver or gold. If you ever see an IRON Press cover thus adorned, you will know Peter Mortimer has been replaced by an alien, (hurrah, say some) and the extraterrestrial invasion has started…”

“Fancy the job of small press editor? Fine. There’s no entry qualification, no interview, no career ladder, no organised structure. You just wake one morning and decide to do it. Good luck!”

“Traditionally, I’ve written columns for various print organs and always loved doing it. Writing a weekly column puts a frame round your life and helps you make sense of it – so it’s as much for my own benefit as that of the reader. Yet print publications are now in such a parlous state, that freelance columnists are becoming history. Denied a print column outlet, I am reduced to blog sites. Why does it not feel the same? Why is the sense of anticipation more muted? Why do readers not send you letters? Are there any readers? Why does nobody pay you?”